Engineers for Africa was established in 2009 as a private company to further the development of engineers and other technical staff in the African environment. Founded initially to serve the South African market, the mission of the company encompasses a vision of broader African engineering development in the future.

E4A provides a package of standardized or customized services that are directed at training workshops, practical experience enhancement, recording and reporting of such activities, and mentoring services that ensure more rapid progress of each person’s development program.

The E4A package always includes the introductory training workshops, the access to all the guidelines, checklists and other useful tools on the E4A knowledge base, and the facility to log reports under full confidentiality. The logged reports build each candidates portfolio. The importance of reporting and especially well presented reports is strongly emphasized at E4A.
We aim to provide a growing range of services, as well as a forum for engineers and technical staff in all organizations, for professional skills development at all levels.

Our site brings you a wide spectrum of valuable knowledge bases and interesting services.
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